The 7 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed

Most people assume that eating a few hours before bedtime will inevitably get them to put some weight on. The truth is you might gain weight if you eat French fries and a few burgers night by night before bedtime. However, whether you have just finished your workout, a long day at work or you just feel like having a snack, you can eat before going to sleep. What really matters is what you eat then. So, what are the best foods to eat before bedtime?


Cherries make excellent desserts. They can satisfy your craving for something sweet, but they will also help you fall asleep much easier because of the high amounts of melatonin, known as the sleep hormone. You can either have a bowl of cherries or some freshly squeezed cherry juice right before bed.

Since they are fruity and natural, your body will not gain weight, so there is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, they are extremely rich in oxidants, so they can fight inflammation and other health related issues.

Protein Shakes

You do not necessarily have to be a gym freak in order to enjoy a protein shake every once in a while. However, if you hit the gym in the evening, it makes an even better choice. It fuels your body and feeds the torn muscles after an intense workout. Besides, the whole process takes place overnight, as you sleep – even better!

The science behind protein shakes before bedtime is fairly simple to understand. Your muscles rest and recover without being exposed to any stress. They use the amino acids for a more efficient protein synthesis as well. Not only do protein shakes help you build muscle, but they also aid in burning fat.


Turkey makes a solid snack before bedtime. You do not have to have a heavy meal though, but just a snack. It makes no difference if you have just returned from the gym or a long day at work – you do need to eat. It is rich in protein, which also helps muscle synthesis.

So, how much turkey should you have before going to sleep? Generally speaking, a few slices mixed with some rice cakes, crackers or wholewheat bread will do the trick. You will get a decent dose of fiber and vitamins – excellent for a good night’s sleep and an energetic morning.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk looks suitable to your sweet tooth nature, but it is also a healthy weight loss solution before hitting the bed. It is obviously rich in calcium, which will burn belly fat much faster. Besides, the vitamin D in milk also eases the absorption of calcium. Rich in protein, chocolate milk will fill you up and help your muscles after an evening workout.

Worried about the sugar? Check the ingredients then. Pick a brand that does not overwhelm its products with sugar. At the same time, fructose corn syrup is a no-no before bedtime.


If sugar is not your thing but you feel hungry and craving for something salty, almonds make an excellent solution. Believe it or not, a serving has around 5g of protein. Fix your muscles overnight and get enough fiber to feel your stomach full.

Almonds are often featured among the most powerful fat burning foods too. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, having ¼ cup of almonds every evening will help you shed that unwanted belly flab.

Peanut Butter

When they hear about peanut butter, the uneducated will always blame its high amounts of fat – what a terrible mistake! Peanut butter is not just delicious and filling, but it also makes a good night snack. It is rich in tryptophan – one of the sleep amino acids.

Mix it with wholegrain bread for some vitamin B intake and enjoy. The plant based protein is healthy and helps fix damaged muscle, while the monounsaturated fat helps against belly flab. Plus, you only need a slice or two to fill full, so you are less likely to exaggerate.

Cottage Cheese

Ask bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts about their favorite late night snacks and most of them will give you the same answer – cottage cheese. Some of them have up to a few servings. What are their reasons? Cottage cheese is rich in casein. It is a protein that slowly releases into the body. In other words, it keeps you full for longer times, but it also feeds your muscles overnight.

As if all these were not enough, cottage cheese is rich in tryptophan, which will make you feel sleepy within minutes.

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