Concepts To Think About When It Comes to Your Nutrition

Medicine and its role are incontestable – they can save lives! The same rule applies to the role of nutrition in maintaining or obtaining certain stages regarding health. Your diet is what truly support you, like a fuel. Remember the old saying – your diet is your medication. In today’s world, there is a fine line between staying healthy and falling into a trap. So, what are the most important principles about a healthy diet?

Balanced Dieting to Prevent Deficits

In the attempt to choose a healthy diet, most people have one common tendency – clearing all the fat out of it. They assume that fat is responsible for their own fat. It might be true if you eat fatty foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but other than that, it is completely false.

It was actually proven that whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or stay toned, small amounts of fat will not harm your diet at all. They will not harm the weight loss process. Instead, fat is actually beneficial. Vegetative oils – especially the olive oil – come with certain substances that will help you prevent plenty of cardiovascular affections.

Have Glucides in Moderate Amounts

Some glucides are absorbed extremely fast. They go straight to the blood, so they obviously raise the levels of insulin. Insulin is the hormone responsible for hunger sensations. When its balance goes out of control, it has a significant impact over the process of fat growth. The most common glucides are found in sugar, honey, bread, corn and potatoes.

A different type of glucides is absorbed much slower. As a direct consequence, it can help keeping hunger sensations under control. Fructose, cocoa milk or low fat yogurts belong to this category. Basically, they make you feel full, so you will not feel like eating all the time.

Fight Against Frustration

If you decide to follow a particular diet, make sure it can actually match your lifestyle and necessities. Many diets fail to work in the long run for a simple reason – they ditch too many foods that you are used to. You can quit a type of food, but how about 25 of your favorite foods then? Your body will suffer when these foods are gone, so results are worthless in the long run. You aim to adopt a healthy diet, but you will fail eventually.

There will be a moment when you will simply jump over all these forbidden foods and lose all your previous work. It is called the yo-yo effect.

So, what is the solution for a healthy nutrition then? Easy – do not give up on foods you love. Just have them in tiny amounts. Every few days, you can have an ice cream or a plate of French fries. The key is not in how much you eat, but in how frequently you do it.

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