10 Foods That Contain Almost Zero Calories

The weight loss process is like marriage – not too difficult, but quite exciting if you do it right. If you know what the right foods are, you can eat them in heavy amounts and come up with all kinds of combinations. Ideally, you should opt for foods with no calories. Although they are called zero calorie foods, they still come with up to 50 calories for 3 ounce servings, but they stimulate fat burning right away.


Most people peel cucumbers before eating them raw or dropping them in salads. What they do not know is the fact that the peel has more nutrients than the core. A cup of chopped cucumbers will only bring in 15 calories, while the large water content will put your hunger to sleep.


If you want to lose weight without too much effort and enjoy the waist of a bee, you need to have grapefruit on a regular basis. It has around 40 calories and can bring in some powerful antioxidants.


A celery serving barely has 5 calories – close to nothing. Moreover, having celery on a regular basis will help defining your muscles and burning fat.


Apples are rich in pectin – a soluble fiber that can also be purchased in supplement form. It is essential for quick and healthy digestion. Eat apples raw.


Seaweed refers to multiple types of marine algae. Although some types of seaweed can be disgusting in taste and odors, they are extremely healthy. A serving has around 6 calories and given its nutrients, it can prevent fat accumulation from foods.


Asparagus might be a bit more expensive than other vegetables, but a good serving will only bring in 20 calories. It balances the blood sugar and destroys fat cells.


A heavy melon serving has 80 calories. However, it has a huge amount of water and its nutrients help you lose the excessive weight by clearing toxins off your body.


Broccoli and other vegetables from the same family are mandatory if you want to lose weight. They have about 25 calories per serving and can be cooked in multiple ways. They bring in vegetal protein, fiber and antioxidants.


You can abuse salad because it only has 4 calories while supporting your body with the most common nutrients. Spinach, for example, is exceptionally healthy.


Mushrooms barely have 25 calories and fortify your immune system, as well as the digestive tract. They can prevent colon cancer.

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