10 Foods That Contain Almost Zero Calories Part 2

Bell Peppers

You cannot lose weight without vitamins A and C, so you need bell pepper on a regular basis. It is rich in powerful antioxidants and helps digestion with only 30 calories. Recipes are quite varied too.

Butternut Squash

With just 15 calories, a butternut squash serving helps losing those unwanted fat deposits due to the high amounts of fiber. They can be eaten in all kinds of recipes.


Often referred to as zucchini, courgettes have around 17 calories, but they include huge amounts of antioxidants. You can cook them or eat them raw in salads.


A serving of horseradish has 27 calories and goes in salads, soups and smoothies. There are more types of horseradish out there and they all have similar properties.


Carrots have about 50 calories, but there is nothing to worry about. They balance the blood sugar and help your body against water retention.


The summertime is ideal to abuse tomatoes because they only have 17 calories. You can also marinate them for the wintertime. They go with all kinds of foods and can be eaten raw too.


With just 25 calories in 3 ounces, cauliflower can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and burn calories in no time if cooked accordingly. Steam cooking it is the way to go.


Beetroot is also known as the medication vegetable with just 40 calories and the most powerful antioxidants you can have. Nothing beats it.


Kale has 23 calories in 3 ounces and is rich in nutrients. It makes a good ally against excessive weight, but it also boosts your energy – excellent for a good meal before hitting the gym.


Cabbage has less than 25 calories in 3 ounces. Its efficiency depends on how you cook it. Ideally, you should eat in raw in salads. It has a high amount of nutrients if boiled as a soup too. However, some of the nutrients will be gone if you fry it or cook it in an oven.

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